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We offer

We provide consultation on a wide range of IT issues but particularly for automating business tasks.

  • We will analyze your tasks and recommend automation solutions.
  • We will recommend software solutions.
  • We will develop software when necessary.
  • We will implement all solutions.
  • We will train users to work with the solutions.

Ancilla has considerable experience with the residential mortgage warehousing business and is especially ready to provide services in that field.  We even have an off-the-shelf software product for normalizing loan data, "Normalizer II".

Software Development

We are a Microsoft.NET and Android solution provider.  We deliver tailor-made software meeting the exact requirements of our clients, software that is efficient in operation and intuitive to the user.  More than that, unlike others, we take particular care to make our source code transferrable to other developers affording our clients maximum future flexibility with their software development needs.

We leverage over 20 years of programming experience to deliver on-time solutions that have satisfied our many clients which include some of the most influential companies in the world.

Our core skills are:

  • All facets of Microsoft .NET development.
  • All facets of Android development.
  • N-Layer/n-Tier software design.
  • Test driven development.
Web Development

We design and develop web sites for anyone, from individuals and small organizations to multinational businesses.   We do all facets of web development and leverage all web technologies and we do this for very affordable fees.

We offer a full web site creation and maintenance service which include:

  • Handling the hosting (i.e. providing the web space and registering domain name).
  • Designing the web pages.
  • Designing the graphics.
  • Creating Adobe Flash content.
  • SEO (search engine optimization).
  • Designing and implementing databases.
  • Internationalizing the site and implementing multi-language support.
  • Leveraging ASP.Net for enterprise sites and Wordpress for faster and more economical development for individuals and small businesses.

We will implement any functionality you desire but a few of the more common ones are:

  • E-commerce functions like
    • shopping cart,
    • credit card processing,
    • SSL certification and SSL (i.e. https) implementation.
  • Full service marketing and client interactivity like
    • search engine optimization (SEO),
    • social media integration,
    • blog implementation.
  • Site navigation features like
    • site map,
    • site search,
    • bread crumbing pages.
  • Member only access to restricted pages and content with
    • user login, user accounts, and membership roles.

We will satisfy your networking needs whatever they may be.  We are a full service networking solution provider.  We provide networking solutions including:

Our core skills are:

  • Small office peer-to-peer LANs.
  • Company-wide WANs.
  • VPN (virtual private networking) for secure remote logins.
  • Intranets.
  • Extranets.
Cloud Backup

Recovery from system failures, natural disasters, or other mishaps like malware (viruses) is a serious consideration for any organization in this information age.  Data backups are of course the standard solution.  It is the only way to recover with your data fully intact.  But just having the backups might not be sufficient though if the mishap, say a fire, destroys your location.  For more certain disaster recovery, you need to locate your backups away from the scene of the disaster.  You need off-site storage. We therefore offer:

  • Automatic data backups.
  • Offsite data backup storage.
Computer Repair

All electronics fail at some point; computers are no exception.  In fact computers fail at a greater frequency than most other electronics.  The financial and practical hardship this can cause your organization is no doubt then a serious consideration for you given that your computer system is almost certainly the heart of your organization.   We therefore offer you:

  • Prompt, quick, and cost effective on-site repair of your computer equipment.
Malware Removal and System Security

Protecting your computer system and the data it manages is a very serious concern these days.  Malware (viruses) and other system break-ins are not the brainchildren of teenage techies looking for kicks anymore.  This is big business now.  Your computers and data are under constant attack by excedingly sophisticated organizations these days, foreign governments even, so securing them requires equal sophistication and vigilance.  In all likelihood, if you have not yet taken these measures, your system and data are already violated.

To meet these needs, we will then:

  • Remove malware from your system.  We guarantee our service.
  • Analyze your security needs and recommend solutions.
  • Implement security solutions.