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We fixed another Wordpress site!


Recently we repaired the malfunctioning Wordpress site.  It was presented to us as having a set of problems which its existing developers could not fix.  The shopping cart did not work so users could not buy anything, the site could not process credit card transactions or any other payment method, and although the site's SSL certificate was installed, the developers could not secure the pages with SSL (that is force the users to access the pages through the https protocol rather than http).  This of course is an absolute necessity for an e-commerce site.

We quickly realized that the primary cause of these problems, not entire but primary, was the theme.  It was old.  It was not mobile friendly and it was not compatible with the plugins needed to implement the desired functions.  It needed to be upgraded.  Upgrading was problematic though.  For us the theme was not installed in the manner required to facilitate an upgrade on top of the old theme which meant the theme had to be replaced, whether with a new version or a different theme entirely.  Replacing a theme is effectively rebuilding the site.  The client was reluctant too to change the look of the site and even an upgrade of the existing theme would do that as the latest version of the theme was very different in layout and look.  The bottom line was that the client placed a high premium on retaining the clunky problematic theme.  Well in short order we dived into the deep recesses of Wordpress and reprogrammed the site to function as it should.

Go take a look, the site is  Remember though we didn't build the site, we only made it function.  We only did the behind-the-scenes stuff.

So then if you have a Wordpress site that isn't working and if your Wordpress developers can't fix it, give us a call, we'll get you going in a jiffy.  That's a promise.