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... a New York based Information technology consultancy and service provider specializing in business automation.  Our purpose is to maximize business efficiency by minimizing manpower costs and eliminating human errors with the thoughtful application of Information Technology (IT).

We do this through a wide range of services, from software development, to web development, to computer networking.  We both recommend solutions as well as provide and implement the solutions in these areas.

Perhaps our biggest sector of success has been the residential mortgage warehousing industry where for over ten years we serviced the residential mortgage warehousing divisions of some of the largest multinational corporations in the world like Bear Stearns and Co., LLC. and ICAP, LLC.  But we service small business as well, right down to basement run “mom-and-pop” organizations.

We strive every day to innovate and probe the limits of new technologies in the service of the needs of our clients but as well, and much more importantly, to impart to our clients that their needs, both for technology as well as to constrain their budgets, are paramount to us.

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  • Technical support - 917-270-4035
  • If you are in need of technical support, please call immediately at 917-270-4035 at any time of day.  We are eager to solve your issue.  Not only is the smooth operation of your business very important to us, but the flawless operation of products we provide and services we implement is a matter of personal pride as well.
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  • If you need follow-up on a service we have provided you, please do not hesitate to call us as well at 917-270-4035.